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Re: nmap licensing claims

On Fri, Mar 05, 2004 at 09:05:43PM +0200, Birzan George Cristian wrote:
> Now, the reason I'm posting here is I've noticed the following claim
> made by nmap developers [1]:
>  in accordance with section 4 of the GPL, we hereby terminate SCO's
>  rights to redistribute any versions of Nmap in any of their products,
>  including (without limitation) OpenLinux, Skunkware, OpenServer, and
>  UNIXWare."

First, note that they are terminating one licensee's license, that being
SCO's (the SCO Group's).

> My understanding of that is that you're only allowed to use this program
> as long as you comply with the GPL, which does not limit its
> distribution or usage on certain platforms. Any such addendum would be a
> new licence.

A copyright holder always has the right to revoke a license for
noncompliance with the license's stated terms.  Debian cannot do
anything about that.

> By browsing the GPL FAQ, I came across two sections, which, in short,
> state that if you change the GPL, you must not use the name GPL [3] and
> that you are not allowed to distribute a program under a different
> licence than GPL, but have all modifications be GPL [4].
> I am not sure if adding that claim means you've changed the GPL. If it
> doesn't, then what I've said above is irrelevant and should be ignored.
> :-)

The NMAP developers are asserting that SCO has violated their (NMAP's)
application of the GNU GPL to the NMAP software.

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