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Re: X-Oz Technologies

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> Sue, There is a principle in hermeneutics that says: there are no 
> useless words.  This means, basically: if you want to say the same 
> thing, use the same words. If you don't use the same words, you don't 
> want to say the same thing. Basically, if X-Oz wants the same 
> disposition as Apache Foundation (license v.1.1) /or/ XFree (license 
> v.1.0), it should use the same license; or else, the only real -- and 
> /legal/ -- conclusion is that the disposition is not the same.

Herr Heidegger's principle of hermeneutics is not widely accepted
except outside of modern existentialism and as brilliantly postulated
by the late Monsieur Satre.  But, if I am to follow that very principle 
that you espouse, I would then also ask you to read the license in the spirit
of the American philosopher-academian, Prof. Fish, in
which case I can only say that your understanding must be different from 
mine and that all words are useless.  Thus I can only ask that we can only 
argue from the basis of 'common understanding' and 'common application'.  
Anything else would be too relativistic to gain much headway and I do not 
have that type of time (unfortunately ;-( to partake in such a heady discussion.

Best Regards,


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