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Re: Cryptlib licence

David Gourdelier wrote:

I would like to know if crypt lib licence would allow it for being included in Debian as a Debian package. The licence is available at http://www.cs.auckland.ac.nz/~pgut001/cryptlib/download.html

Thank you for your answer.


Apparently, the license (text below) is a BSD-sans-advertising -like. More eyes, please:

So it means there is no legal problems for a cryptlib package ? My wondering was more about this statement and the link with points 5 and 6

of the Debian social contract:

If you're unable to comply with the above license then the following, alternate usage conditions apply:

Any large-scale commercial use of cryptlib requires a license. "Large-scale commercial use" means any revenue-generating purpose such as use for company- internal purposes, or use of cryptlib in an application or product, with a total gross revenue of over US$5,000. This allows cryptlib to be used in freeware and shareware applications, for evaluation and research purposes, and for non-revenue-generating or personal use without charge. In addition the author reserves the right to grant free licenses for commercial use in special cases (for example where there is a general benefit to the public), contact the author for details if you think you qualify.

I think this is in the case you don't want the FS/OSS-style license. So, *I think* there is no problem for a cryptlib package, as there is no problem for a libdb package (they state in the page you linked it is the same Sleepycat license.)

[]s, HTH, Massa

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