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Experience with convincing people to DFSGize their licenses?


I am (among other packages...) maintaining Festival, the speech
synthesizer. There are several languages for which Festival voices exist
which are publically available, but under a somewhat restrictive
copyright (non-commercial, non-military, non-transferable, ...).

Specifically, I know of a German voice; a user pointed me towards an
Italian voice.

Obviously I don't think that this is an ideal situation. Thus I am going
to make some effort to convince the copyright holders to lift these
restrictions, and either re- or dual-license their data.

To facilitate this, I wonder whether there are any boilerplate letters I
might copy (+ translate + extend + ...).

The next question is, which DFSG-free license would you recommend
for (mostly-)non-program files?

Matthias Urlichs

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