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Re: X-Oz Technologies

On Tue, Mar 02, 2004 at 11:04:35AM -0500, selussos wrote:
> I am responding to this list, since a concerned free software
> enthusiast has told me that several concerns about our license have
> been raised here.  I really did not know of this as I, nor any other
> X-Ozzie,  had been contacted previous to that first contact about any
> of these concerns.

> If someone would like us to comment on the X-Oz license issues, I will
> gladly do so.  Please let me know what the pertinent issues are, as
> you see it, and hopefully I will be able to allay your concerns.

If you could comment on the issues raised in this email it would be most


Ben Reser <ben@reser.org>

"Conscience is the inner voice which warns us somebody may be looking."
- H.L. Mencken

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