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Re: Debian & the Mozilla Firefox Trademarks

Doug basically pointed out where you can find the information you
wanted. Let me just respond to a few things you said:

* Asa Dotzler (asa@mozilla.org) wrote:
> Before we're willing to sanction the distribution of a modified version 
> of Firefox under our trademark name and logo, we need to know what those 
> changes are, specifically.  A certain level of modifications are likely 
> to be fine with us, while others types of changes would probably cause 
> us concern.  You can understand, I'm sure, that we'd be apprehensive 
> about someone shipping a product called Mozilla Firefox which had 
> modifications that led to a  poor user experience.

I understand that you would want Firefox to have the highest level of
quality when using that name. But even if you approved of my patches
today, what about tomorrow? Would I have to have you approve of every
release that I do? If we disagreed and could not find a compromise
would you disallow us from using the name? I'm not sure I would be
comfortable working in that kind of situation.

> The primary concerns I have are that the stability or other 
> functionality of the application would be negatively impacted by "slight 
> feature patches" or that your bug fixes would cause unintended negative 
> consequences.  Can you provide us with a specific list of changed that 
> you're making to Firefox?  Even better would be if you could point me 
> bugs in your bug system that contain the actual patches you've applied 
> and information about the testing that was done to cover those changes. 
> I made a few attempts to locate Firefox(/Firebird) bugs in your bug 
> system but didn't have any luck.
> If they really are minor changes, then I think we can easily come to an 
> agreement. If the changes are large, especially something like the 
> inclusion of additional 3rd-party "Firefox extensions" or compiling with 
> "experimental" mozilla code, that could complicate things.

So if were to package the CVS snapshots of firefox, I would not be
able to call them firefox (or more likely, firefox-snapshot) or use
the artwork?

> We certainly would like to see Debian distributing a Firefox build with 
> the official name and branding and we'd like to work with you all to 
> come to a resolution that allows you to ship an "official" Firefox and 
> that allows us to feel comfortable about the quality of products 
> shipping under our name and logos.

I understand you're concern with quality... I'm very concerned with it
as well, because every time something breaks I have dozens of angry
emails in my inbox. I hope we can come to a resolution as well. 

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