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Re: Debian & the Mozilla Firefox Trademarks

On Mon, 01 Mar 2004, Asa Dotzler wrote:
> Before we're willing to sanction the distribution of a modified
> version of Firefox under our trademark name and logo, we need to
> know what those changes are, specifically.

While I can't speak for Eric specifically, in general, the changeset
for a package changes for each Debian revision of the package. It's
impossible for us to say what level of changes will be necessary to
fix bugs in Firefox tomorrow.

> The primary concerns I have are that the stability or other
> functionality of the application would be negatively impacted by
> "slight feature patches" or that your bug fixes would cause
> unintended negative consequences.

It's quite possible. However, in general, Debian is itself in a
position to handle the outfall of unintended negative
consequences. The BTS and the Firefox maintainer act as an interface
between the Debian Firefox package and upstream (namely the Mozilla

> Even better would be if you could point me bugs in your bug system
> that contain the actual patches you've applied and information about
> the testing that was done to cover those changes.

See http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/pkgreport.cgi?pkg=mozilla-firefox
for the bug list, and
for the set of changes made to the mozilla-firefox package.

Again, I hope that we can work with you all on the Mozilla team to
come to an agreement that enables us to distribute Firefox in a manner
that respects your desires whilst allowing us to fulfill our promises
under our Social Contract.

Don Armstrong

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