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crypto in non-free


What is the policy on crypto in non-free?

The initial crypto-in-main announcement excluded non-free.
Is that still the case?

I am packaging the latest ckermit, and I have enabled crypto support
(kerberos 4 & 5, openssl, TLS, DES, CAST and support for an external
ssh client). I failed to resolve the license problems, so it is
staying in non-free.

The current version of ckermit in debian doesn't have any crypto
options enabled, so this won't have come up before.

ckermit doesn't contain any crypto code itself, it does everything by
linking to external libraries. Is that relevant?

So, does debian handle BXA declarations for non-free stuff, or will
ckermit have to go into the ghetto that is non-US/non-free?



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