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Re: Help with SPIN License

Yeeech.  What a monster.  It's not DFSG-free.

>3.6 You must include all of the original copyright, labels or other
>notices on the Licensed Software on any copies of the Licensed Software
>which You make; and include with the distribution of any Modifications
>You create a copy (or an offer to provide such a copy at no charge) of
>the Licensed Software , on the same terms as set forth in this Agreement.

"labels or other notices"?  What the heck does THAT mean?  If it's restricted 
to accurate legal notices, it's fine; if not, it's not.

>4.0 MODIFICATIONS.  You agree to provide the Original Contributor, at
>its request, with a copy of t he complete Source Code version, Object
>Code version and related documentation for Modifica tions created or
>contributed to by You.  
Not DFSG-free.  See the FAQ.

>6.0  TERMINATION 6.1 The licenses and rights granted under this Agreement
>shall terminate automatica lly if (i) You fail to comply with all of
>the terms and conditions herein; 

>or (ii) You initiate or participat e
>in any intellectual property action against Original Contributor and/or
>another Contributor.
Way too overbroad.  Must be restricted, at the very least, to suits claiming 
that the Licensed Software infringes somebody's rights.

I could have missed other problems.  :-/
It seems to be freely distributable, and hence acceptable in non-free.

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