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Re: JasPer License Issues: Some Potentially Good News

Scripsit "Brian M. Carlson" <sandals@crustytoothpaste.ath.cx>

> > 3.  If User breaches any term of this license or commences an
> > infringement action against any copyright holder then the User's
> > license and all sublicenses that have been granted hereunder by User to
> > other parties shall terminate.

> I am uncomfortable with this. I am not sure what the canonical
> debian-legal position is.

No matter what we usually think about various patent self-defense
schemes, I hope we can all agree that this one is so ridiculously
overbroad that it is very clearly non-free.

(For example, it discriminates against literary authors).

> This disclaimer is much better.

I can't read it. May I suggest M-x downcase-region?

Henning Makholm  "Det er jo svært at vide noget når man ikke ved det, ikke?"

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