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Re: Non-free package licenses and replacements

On Jan 24, Russ Allbery <rra@stanford.edu> wrote:

 >If anyone actually cares, I may be able to get this relicensed and am
 >willing to at least try.  I'm mildly surprised that anyone is still using
Two weeks ago I opened #227146 but the maintainer did not reply:

  The OpenBSD people managed to have stanford relicense it:

  OTOH DVMRP is useless in the modern Internet, so the package could
  just be removed from debian.

So I suggest again to kill the package.

Other non-free packages I know about:

rar: this is needed to unpack rar 3.x archives. There is no alternative.

unicorn: partially non-free ADSL modem driver. There is no alternative.

mwavem: free driver, but it contains a binary firmware executed by the
  device CPU. If there is a consensus on the hypocrisy of refusing to
  distribute firwmares then I think removing the files and keeping the
  driver in main is the best solution. OTOH, it has been reported that
  the driver may be obsolete.

ciao, |
Marco | [4281 ca6C4eQ76UGbY]

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