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Re: Cheops-ng: DFSG free or non-free?

On Fri, 23 Jan 2004, Wesley W. Terpstra wrote:
> He includes adns (GPL) in the source tarball; so, that's that.
> This means that they themselves are not allowed to distribute the program
> too, correct? Since they are violating the terms of adns's copyright?

Yes, that's correct. Presumably they've created a derived work,
Adtran+adns. [The fact that they're distributing adns in the source
tarball make this quite clear.]
> I take it that this is insufficient grounds for inclusion in main?
> (Due to the uncertainty?)

Yes, we tend to follow the upstreams' wishes with regards to their
software, even if the legal theory under which they are made is

> The authors should be informed that they are violating the copyright
> of adns.  So, I will contact the author and ask him to re-release it
> as GPL.

Yes, that would definetly be the best choice. If you need any
assistance with this, feel free to talk to debian-legal, and/or work
with licensing@gnu.org.

Don Armstrong

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