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Status and futur of ArgoUML package(s)

Hi all,

I'm facing a serious problem with the ArgoUML debian package. The next
generation of ArgoUML (current development 0.15 and next stable 0.16)
will use the mdr library:

Which is an implementation of the JMI from Sun.

As you can see in the web page, as a Debian Developer, I can NOT accept
this (or these) license(s). Or maybe I don't understand it (them) well.

So what I'm gonna do at the moment is not upgrade ArgoUML to the next
release as it uses non-free libraries. You can argue that current
ArgoUML is already using non-free software (non-free JVM needed), but
it's already a problem! ;) The use of non-free JVM is a problem and a
lot of users are confused they have to add another apt-source to have a
JVM to run ArgoUML (or a lot of other java Debian packages), adding
dependency to another non-free library will confuse more users. I don't
think it's a good thing when you install ArgoUML, you'll not be able to
run it because you'll have to download a separate library, not packaged,
and you'll have to accept a non-free license.

I'd like to have your comments on this, thanks,

I did Cc: debian-legal to have a look at the license but I think it's
completly non-free!

The text is very long, I did not copy it here, but it's on the web

 : :' :rnaud
 `. `'  

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