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Musical files and chords

Hi all,

I made an ITP for a software named mma. This one generates musical
accompaniment based on chords. The generated files are midi files.

The upstream does provides examples, based on music that are not free.
He thinks that distributing chords, and not melody, is legal. I tried to
find some references about this and did not found anything useful.

Can some one give me some web resources where I could find informations
about this ? Here is the quote from upstream :

> I may be wrong ... but I don't think that I am :) The .mma files
> are all permissible since the ONLY contain the CHORDS, not the melody
> and lyrics. Ummm, exception on lyrics is the file twinkle.mma; and I
> think that is PD.
> The .mid files are fine as well since they are all generated from the
> .mma files via mma.
> Please check around on this with the legal experts, but I'm quite
> sure that chord files are okay. If not, I'd like to know as well.
> Certainly, lyrics are a problem and if I were to show melody on non-PD
> songs that would be as well.

As you can see, he's willing to know. This is good, if I can find a way
to convince him with your help (or that you tell me he's right).


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