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[Fwd: Re: Since you designed the Debian 'swirl' logo...]

This will be of interest to anyone wanting to follow up on unauthorized use of the Debian "swirl" logo. We have a statement from its creator that the swirl was created from scratch.

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The Debian logo was created completely from scratch using Adobe
Illustrator on a Mac. The logo uses a modified version of Adobe's
Poppl-Laudatio font, that is as close as it comes to using someone
else's art (font faces are not copyrightable only the PostScript font
file used to generate them)

Hope this helps.

Raul Silva

On Dec 31, 2003, at 3:16 PM, Nathanael Nerode wrote:

debian-legal wanted to check with you whether it was drawn entirely from scratch, or whether it made use of any pre-existing clip art in the 'swirl' design. If it was drawn from scratch, whether you'd ever licensed anyone else to use it other than Debian. And if it wasn't all from scratch, if you
could possibly remember what sources you used.

This is in order to clear up some potential legal issues relating to use of
the 'swirl'.

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