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Re: Request for someone to talk to copyright holders

Anthony Towns wrote:
Bug#211765, "xfree86: material under non-free licenses in XFree86"
appears to have been languishing for a few months now, without anyone
trying to talk to the copyright holders to see if this stuff can be
relicensed in a DFSG-free fashion.

FYI, the copyright holder in this case seems to be SGI.

While I generally feel up to contacting individual copyright holders, or even educational institutions, contacting corporate copyright holders is another matter. Even finding the right person to talk to can be a pain in the neck. :-(

If there's anyone with contacts at SGI, who might know who to talk to, that would be super. Or alternately anyone who has the necessary authority, stubbornness, and savvy to get through to the right people. :-/

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