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Request for someone to talk to copyright holders

Hi guys,

Bug#211765, "xfree86: material under non-free licenses in XFree86"
appears to have been languishing for a few months now, without anyone
trying to talk to the copyright holders to see if this stuff can be
relicensed in a DFSG-free fashion.

Is there someone on this list who's interested in talking to upstream
copyright holders and trying to work through possible DFSG conflicts
like these? That usually means either presenting a convincing argument
that what they want is actually more harmful than it seems in practical
terms, or that there's some better way of achieving the same goal,
without running afoul of the DFSG. That's not particularly easy, and
can often be not particularly fruitful, but promoting free software
principles to people who're inclined to write non-free licenses is one
of the things we're meant to be doing.

So, is there anyone here with the time and energy to look into this issue,
and ideally others?


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