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Re: Packaging Linuxant's driverloader?

Glenn Maynard wrote:
On Thu, Jan 08, 2004 at 09:12:41PM -0600, Joel Konkle-Parker wrote:

Can someone tell me the legal status of Linuxant's driverloader software as it relates to packaging for Debian? I believe the software itself, while it needs a license key, is free, although it requires non-free Windows drivers to operate properly. Perhaps the package could prompt for a path to a Windows partition?

Huh?  The linked license (below) explicitly says "without modification".
Have you read the DFSG?

Doh. Sorry for the noise on that one.

I guess the meat of my question applies to ndiswrapper <http://ndiswrapper.sf.net> as well. ndiswrapper itself is GPL, but to work properly, requires the Windows drivers for the network devices it is trying to configure. Does this somehow prevent it from going into Debian, or could the package just request those files from a Windows partition or something?

Thanks again, and sorry for the obvious one before.

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