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Re: Bug#226232: ITP: glucas -- Mersenne prime testing program

Aaron Lehmann <aaronl@vitelus.com> writes:

> Package: wnpp
> Severity: wishlist
>   Package name    : glucas
>   Version         : 2.90
>   Upstream Author : Guillermo Ballester Valor <gbv@oxixares.com>
>   URL             : http://glucas.sourceforge.net/
>   License         : GPL v2
>   Description     : Mersenne prime testing program
> Glucas tests Mersenne numbers (2^P-1) for primality using the
> Lucas-Lehmer method. It can be used to participate in the Great
> Internet Mersenne Prime Search (http://www.mersenne.org)

What exactly is glucas relation to GIMPS, especially the non-free terms
decribed in http://www.mersenne.org/prize.htm ?
                                                    Jens Peter Secher
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