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Re: Re: popular swirl...

On Wed, 2003-12-31 at 16:41, Nathanael Nerode wrote:

> Ben Reser quoth:
> > Ignore the trademark issue.  The copyright issue should be much clearer.
> > Surely SPI knows who made the logo and that person can certify that it
> > is an original work?  If SPI can do that they have a case of a clear
> > derivative work.  If SPI can't do that then Debian needs a different
> > logo.

> The logo is currently *only* licensed for use to represent Debian 
> (although it is considered preferable to change the copyright license, 
> it hasn't been changed yet, pending strengthening the trademark 
> protection).  This is a clear-cut copyright infringement.
Licensed for use *how*?  International Copyright Law doesn't give you
the power to restrict use of a copyrighted item, only how that item may
be copied and/or distributed.

And afaik, we don't hold a trademark on the logo.

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