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Re: Preparation of Debian GNU/Linux 3.0r2 (II)

At 20 Nov 03 07:09:51 GMT,
Henning Makholm wrote:
> Scripsit Kenshi Muto <kmuto@debian.org>
> > Hmm, "we don't accept what is Hitachi said". This is consensus of us?
> What they said certainly wasn't very convincing.

I see.

> > I agree Hitachi make a mess, but it's not reason to kick them.
> It's not so much a question of kicking Hitachi as providing scalable
> Japanese fonts to our users. If there are more-clearly-free
> alternative fonts in Debian that provide the same glyphs, then I won't
> oppose removing them. But if removal would entail actual hardship for

"same glyph" of Watanabe-font causes a trouble. It means copy without
original author's permission. It is too heavy work (and I think it may
be nonsense) to make Japanese font without any original font since
Japanese font needs massive glyphs.

One of "More-clearly-free alternative scalable Japanese fonts" is
kochi-mincho/kochi-gothic in sid/sarge. Many Japanese use this
font rather than Watanabe font.
Woody has same name package, but it lefts some problematic glyphs.
As Goto said, fixed packages for woody r2 is already uploaded, and
wait to install by ftp maintainers.

> our users, I think it is sensible to expect the party claiming
> infringement to present a more coherent case first.

I tell history again (see
* background
In June 2003, KANOU Hiroki who is one of the developer of Kochi
font, FREE Japanese font, noticed that a part of characters in the
Kochi font are closely similar to a font that is provided by the font
vendor, TYPEBANK Co., Ltd.

Kochi font is based on so-called "Watanabe font" and is diverting
the part of the font. The same-looked fonts that is found in this
time matches this Watanabe font. Watanabe font was certainly
converted from LABO123 32-dot font which was distributed as Public
Domain Software.

As a result of KANOU's investigation, LABO123 32-dot font is same as the
bitmap font (TYPEBANK Mincho M) that was developed by TYPEBANK Co.,
Ltd. and HITACHI Ltd. collectively, and copied without
any authorization. Therefore, LABO123 32-dot font, Watanabe font and
any other derivative fonts violate the license of TYPEBANK and HITACHI.

In 29th September 2003, HITACHI announced...

Important point is this issue starts from Kochi font author, not from
Hitachi/Typebank. It is easy to attack fault of Hitachi, but I pity
Hitachi a little:
- Stealing of font goes negative prescription
- Because some people heat up this problem, Hitachi/Typebank must
  need to answer something
- Right of font is under very poor guard by law. If Hitachi/Typebank
  want to allow to copy/redistribution freely, other font vendors
  don't permit. Creating Japanese font is not so cheap work. It
  creates a market.
Hitachi/Typebank seem want to forget this issue.

But we, Debian Project, need to say our official statement if we
continue to distribute.
It's not for Hitachi/Typebank, but for our users and distributors.

Kenshi Muto

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