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New Apache License

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appropriate place. ]

Offhand, I see the following people discuss the proposed Apache

Brian M. Carlson
Mahesh T. Pai
David Turner
Don Armstrong
Adam Warner
Anthony DeRobertis

But I wonder if you legal-eagles missed this part of Roy Fielding's

    A mailing list has been set up for public review and discussion of
    the license prior to the ASF members meeting at ApacheCon [*].
    The address is <license AT apache.org> and you can join it by
    sending a blank message to <license-subscribe AT apache.org>.


    At least that's the idea -- if you note a potential problem with
    the new license, please let us know so that we can work on fixing
    it now rather than after it has been applied to our projects.

Yet upon review of:


I find that not one of you has commented.

This is going to come up for a vote sometime soon, so it would be
courteous of you to do as asked and comment on the proper list.

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