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GPL/GFDL reference cards: what to distribute?

Hi all -

If one distributes printed copies of a GPL'd reference card, must he
distribute the source and license if the official card has not been
modified? For example we want to distribute hardcopies of the Vim
reference card, available at the link below, at a workshop here at


My understanding of the GPL is that copies of the GPL license and source
must be distributed as well, or in lieu of source a 3-year source offer
must be made, and it is not sufficient to merely point the recipients to
the website we downloaded the card from. Is this correct, or am I
interpreting the license too strictly?

Also if the former, must we distribute a source CD to every recipient,
or only those that explicitly request it?

Additionally, I noticed another reference card available under the "GFDL"
license, at the link below. Contrary to the license, however, I didn't
see a copy of the GFDL inside the card. Is a work still distributable
(under the GFDL), when it does not include the GFDL license, or must
we avoid redistributing the document entirely?



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