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Re: The license of LaTeX2HTML

On 2003-10-25, Brian M. Carlson <sandals@crustytoothpaste.ath.cx> wrote:
> On Sat, Oct 25, 2003 at 10:20:26PM +0200, Roland Stigge wrote:
>> Maybe I should add that some files in latex2html are GPL'ed, which
>> possibly forces us / the maintainer to apply the GPL to the whole
>> package.
> If some files are GPL, then the whole work must be distributed under the
> GPL. Unfortunately, this license is incompatible with the GPL;
> therefore, we cannot distribute it at all. If you cannot resolve this
> issue with upstream, you should file a bug on ftp.debian.org requesting
> its removal.

Are the GPL files copyright by someone other than the upstream author?
If so, upstream is also violating their copyright.

Many of the GPL'ed files seem to be copyright by people other than
Nikos Drakos, but they also seem to have been written specifically for
latex2html, so presumably they have no problem with granting an


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