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Re: centericq and MSN support

On Thu, Oct 23, 2003 at 03:33:24PM +0200, Julien LEMOINE wrote:
> Hello,
> 	I uploaded today a version of centericq with support for last msn protocol 
> (MSN9). I received a question from upstream author, he do not want to
> include this patch in official release for the moment because he do not
> know if this is legal.
> 	Does someone know if this MSN9 support is legal ?
> 	A short resume of the problem is given on gaim page [1], microsoft now 
> require a licence for connecting on a msn server.

For the purposes of Debian, you need to concern yourself only with whether
the software itself can be distributed without infringing on any copyright
held on the software itself. As of version (4.9.2-5arc), centericq was
distributable under the terms of the GNU GPL, which we generally consider to
be acceptable. 

(The fact that end users might use the software for something illegal is
irrelevant to whether or not it can be included in Debian. One can use
mixmaster for industrial espionage, john to brute-force UNIX password files
for the purpose of making unauthorized use of private computers, some
half-dozen or more packet sniffers to run illegal wiretaps, GNU shred to
destroy evidence, and xvidtune to commit arson[1]. We still distribute

Brian Ristuccia

[1] Components in a  certain older DEC monitor can be made to actually catch
    fire if the monitor is driven at frequencies outside of its design
    range. On systems so equipped, one can use xvidtune to remotely start a

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