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Re: BSD Protection License

Colin Percival <colin.percival@wadham.ox.ac.uk> writes:

>    My MUA is fine; the thread was broken by the fact that I was
>    replied to an email Adam sent me, and I CCed my reply to
>    debian-legal.

It's considered impolite to reply in public to private mail.

>    This email might break the thread again -- because I'm replying to
>    an email which wasn't sent to me, by copying and pasting out of the
>    list archives.
>> > I don't think that's necessary. Licenses are interpreted by
>> > "reasonable men";
>>No. Licenses are interpreted by judges and/or juries.
>    Judges and/or juries, who are assumed to be reasonable.  I don't

Your assumption is false.

>    see that there is any confusion inherent in a license which states
>    "You may do X if Y. You may do X if Z"; but even if there was
>    confusion, it is to be interpreted in a manner which makes sense.

You should read up on some court cases.

Måns Rullgård

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