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Re: Japanese font license problem

On 2003-10-08, Fedor Zuev <Fedor_zuev@mail.ru> wrote:
> 	In this case, it is very unlikely that TYPEBANK Co. will win
> a lawsuit in any country. After all, similarity is not implies
> derivative work.  But it is very likely that they will threaten,
> harass and terrorize everyyone who will ever touch their
> "intellectual property".

If I understood the original post correctly, TYPEBANK's font was
copied without changes by one group (the LABO123 font), and then
modified by two later groups who mistakenly thought the font was
available under a free license.  So it seems likely that TYPEBANK
would win a suit in a country in which fonts are copyrightable, since
there's a clear chain of derived works (although IANAL).


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