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procedural issues [OT]

> Just because I'd be fine with it (until convinced otherwise by
> cogent arguments as removability being an imperfect but acceptable
> solution, much like, oh, the clause under which TeX slips through)
> doesn't mean that the majority opinion of d-l is; and if I'm in a
> significant minority, there comes a time to, as they say, "shut up
> and deal with it".

Just as a procedural note, debian-legal is advisory in character.  So
it is not a "majority rules" thing, but a "whoever has the argument
that convinces the ftpmasters/release manager/etc".  These arguments
are formulated, refined, and tested by discussing them on this list,
and using them to convince others on this list.  In this process, we
hope to get all the issues out on the table, and make sure we're not
neglecting any problems.  Often one point of view is so convincing
that essentially everyone is swayed to it, or at least everyone able
to formulate and express a cogent and consistent train of logic.  When
a "survey" is done on the list, it is for the purpose of checking
whether some point of view has actually convinced essentially
everyone, including people not actively involved in the discussion

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