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Re: snippets

Richard Braakman <dark@xs4all.nl> wrote:

> What are the advantages of keeping them?
> - The time and effort that would be spent on locating and removing them
> and maintaining a repackaged source archive can instead be spent on
> writing code and fixing bugs.
> - We maintain better relations with upstream authors, who presumably
> would like their heartrending emails to accompany their work.

If we do this uniformly fpr all packages, then we're not singling out
anybody and people will get over it.

> - We can keep more source archives pristine.
> What are the advantages of removing them?
> - We save some bytes in the archive.

Minor point.

> - If a snippet turns out to be problematic, we won't have to spend effort
> on removing it because we already spent that effort.
> - We might convince some authors to write modifiable snippets instead.

- Debian stays true to free content.

- People can't complain about some non-free content being rejected while
  at the same time we accept and package other non-free content.

> I don't see a convincing case here for removing them.

And I don't see a convincing case here for keeping them.


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