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Re: A possible GFDL compromise: a proposal

Mathieu Roy <yeupou@gnu.org> writes:

> The Debian project is dedicated to the Debian OS. Without this
> "collection of software", the Debian project is purposeless.
> If the Debian project does not follow the rules that the Debian
> project wrote itself for the Debian OS, the Debian project is somehow
> inconsistent.  Way more inconsistent than the GNU project that always
> follows its rules, for Software (Program) and Documentation.

Right, and we distribute logos that cannot be part of the Debian OS,
but which are part of the Debian Project.  We do not think it's evil
to distribute such logos.

I am not saying that the DFSG is evil, just that it isn't free (and
our logos aren't either), and therefore can't be in a free OS (and so
also our logos can't).

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