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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

    As has been previously pointed out, fair use is far from a universal
    concept. Within the United Kingdom, it doesn't exist, and copying a
    single paragraph from a GFDLed work would require me to fulfil the
    license conditions.

I am pretty sure something along the same lines as fair use
does exist in the UK.  The use of short quotations is standard
practice all around the world.

Anyway, the GPL makes requirements of the same sort.
They differ only in that the GFDL might require a couple
of extra pages (in some cases), and an invariant section
might require a few more (if there is one).  I don't think
the difference between 6 pages and (say) 12 makes the difference
between feasible and infeasible, and this case is basically
artificial anyway.

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