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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

Le mer 03/09/2003 à 04:56, Richard Stallman a écrit :
>     >This is an illuminating comparison, because the practical problems of
>     >the GFDL (and I won't claim there are none) are basically of the same
>     >kind (though of a lower magnitude) than those of the 4-clause BSD
> 			      ^^^^^^^^^^^^^^^
>     Replace this with "greater magnitude", and you'll have my opinion on the 
>     practical problems (as opposed to the freeness problems).  This is because 
>     the 4-clause BSD license only directly imposed a burden on people who chose 
>     to advertise, while the GFDL imposes corresponding burdens on all users.  
> There is no burden at all for most users, who install and copy the
> system.  The practical problems occur only in special cases.

So you think the "technical measures" clause is not a burden for users?

You must be joking. This clause has a direct effect on all users,
restricting the use of e.g. encrypted filesystems.
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