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Re: A possible GFDL compromise

Richard Stallman wrote:
>This is an illuminating comparison, because the practical problems of
>the GFDL (and I won't claim there are none) are basically of the same
>kind (though of a lower magnitude) than those of the 4-clause BSD
Replace this with "greater magnitude", and you'll have my opinion on the 
practical problems (as opposed to the freeness problems).  This is because 
the 4-clause BSD license only directly imposed a burden on people who chose 
to advertise, while the GFDL imposes corresponding burdens on all users.  
Perhaps you feel that the advertising burden is the greater burden?

>license.  (I explained a couple of months ago why they are smaller.)
Your explanations were unconvincing.  As far as I could tell, they basically 
amounted to "People don't need to modify documentation as much as they do 
software", which most of this list vehemently disagrees with, and "People 
will behave themselves," which is unlikely.  If I've missed an aspect of your 
explanation, please repeat it.

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