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Re: Some licensing questions regarding celestia

This is not legal advice.

On Tue, 02 Sep 2003, Nathanael Nerode wrote:
> So, what do you recommend for someone who really *wants* to put
> something in the public domain?  Such as, for instance, my web page 
> http://twcny.rr.com/nerode/neroden/fdl.html ?  I haven't seen any
> common license which is good enough.

Something like the following:

Copyright (c) Foobarbaz 3004

Redistribution and use, with or without modification, of this work is
permitted, with or without attribution.

NO WARANTY... blah blah blah.

You then have provided a license which grants rights equivalent to a
work in the public domain, with the added benifit of disclaiming a
warranty. [You basically are looking at the BSD or MIT/X license
stripped of all the subject to:... and with the addition of with or
without attribution.]

Don Armstrong

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