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Is the OSL DFSG free?


 Someone raised an idea on IRC that I might see as valid:

 Isn't Section 10 of the OSL ("Mutual Termination for Patent Action") a
violation of Section 5 of the DFSG ("No Discrimination Against Persons
or Groups")?  It clearly discriminates persons filing a law suite
against a OSL licensed software.  I would even see it as valid that it
violates Section 9 of the DFSG ("License Must Not Contaminate Other

 So, are these issues, or is this something we simply like to ignore in
the fight against software patents?  I really hope that we don't try to
bring in different levels of "discrimination" (good and bad ones)
because noone will ever be able to draw a sharp line once it is there
(who judges what is a good and what is a bad discrimination?).

 Thanks for your answers, prefered per Cc, too -- because I'm not
subscribed to debian-legal and would just scan the archives every now
and then.

 So long,
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