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Re: SUN RPC code is DFSG-free

* Jeremy Hankins (nowan@nowan.org) [030829 18:05]:
> Fedor Zuev <Fedor_zuev@mail.ru> writes:
> > 	Sorry. I was very unclear.
> >
> > 	SUN RPC, "extracted" from GLIBC is not a work, derived from
> > GLIBC because of above. SUN RPC, "extracted" from GLIBC is not
> > GLIBC.  Because it is not. Therefore, according to the first
> > definition, it is not a "work based on the GLIBC". It is simply SUN
> > RPC. Because it is. Therefore, it may be licensed under any
> > compatible license. Because only "work, based" on GPL-licensed work
> > should be also licensed under GPL. It is already licensed by SUN.

> But when I received glibc licensed under the GPL (which includes code
> derived from Sun RPC) I received it under the terms of the GPL.
> Technically the Sun RPC license still applies, but the GPL guarantees
> me that the work as a whole is available to me under the terms of the
> GPL (if not, the guy who gave it to me is in violation, and I have no
> license to the code whatsoever).

You seem to impley that the FSF has permission from sun to apply the
GPL to the relevant code. Otherwise would _this_ license not be
allowed to be treated as under GPL, but under a compatible license.

Do you have a proof for this permission?

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