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Bug#205152: mldonkey-server: contains obviously illegal non-free code

Package: mldonkey-server
Severity: serious
Justification: Social Contract part 1?
The files src/networks/fasttrack/enc_type_*.c are taken from the giFT
FastTrack plugin project. I was considering packaging this plugin for
Debian but I heard from the developers that these three files have all
been decompiled into C from the binary of the KaZaA file-sharing program
on Windows, and then hand-edited to varying degrees. It is obvious when
looking at them that they are not human-written files, and have been
derived from the non-free binary code in KaZaA belonging to Sharman
We have no rights to modify or redistribute this code, and certainly
no rights to distribute it labelled as GPL as the file suggests, despite
admitting in comments that it has been decompiled from assembler:
 * The code in this file is very close to the original assembler code.
 * It particularly uses unsigned int to store pointers which leads to
 * crashes on machines where pointers are larger than 32 bit.
This code should be removed from the source tarballs on Debian mirrors
immediately (a patch won't cut it, you need to upload a new orig.tar.gz
that has those files removed).

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