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Re: Packages with non-original copyrighted sounds

Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller wrote:
> It is also urgently needed for the creation of free music that is
> not necessarily used by free programs. Due to the lack of free
> samples, composers are currently forced into the creation of
> non-free music.

That's a similar problem to the font's one, i guess. It is really hard
to make professional quality, original samples. Almost all samples
that are distributed as "freeware" are extracted from digital
synthesizers, actually copyrighted by the instrument manufacturer, and
definitely not free.

> The DFSG does not really care about these things, and if it did,
> the GPL and the BSD would not qualify as "free" if applied on
> non-program-works. This means that Debian cannot become entirely
> free regarding the rights listed above in the near future, but
> it should be possible to create a subset of Debian that uses a
> clarified DSFG6 clause and thus cares about the above rights.

Are public domain files (true public domain, copyright declined by the
author) also restricted by default?

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