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Re: GDB Manual

On Thu, 2003-06-05 at 21:47, Richard Stallman wrote:

> Even if I were inclined to answer every question that is posed to me
> here and respond to every point, I don't have time.  (I am getting 400
> messages a day, and only half of them are junk.)  

I wish I was that lucky, my snr is closer to 2 - 8 :(

> Someone mentioned the fact that the GFDL says the work must "include"
> the license where as the GPL says that the license must "accompany"
> the work.  His assumption was that this distinction had major
> consequences, but on reflection I believe it does not make a
> difference.  A work can consist of multiple volumes, so the GFDL could
> be in one volume while the other volume is as short as you need it to
> be.
> So it seems that you could indeed make a reference card from a
> GFDL-covered manual.  You would just have to distribute a little
> booklet along with the reference card.  The booklet would include the
> license and any invariant sections.

Thanks for that RMS, it answers one of my chief concerns with the
license, it would be nice if an explicit revision back to the
'accompany' terminology could be made in this regard, so as to remove
all doubt.

John Holroyd <valisk@softhome.net>
Demos Technosis Ltd

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