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Re: Source Code of Music (was: various opinions on Debian vs the GFDL)

Thomas Uwe Gruettmueller <sloyment@gmx.net>:

> > You have a similar but less severe problem if A is a
> > high-precision digital recording (with lots of random noise in
> > the low bits) and D is a compressed version: clearly A is
> > source of D,
> I would argue that D is an excerpt of A.

If someone were to improve the compression algorithm then you would
want to go back and recompute D, particularly if D has an audible
artefact, so I would say that A is source.

Of course, if we're talking about lossless compression (possibly
preceded by throwing away the low bits) then I might agree it's an
excerpt, but I was thinking about something like Ogg Vorbis.


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