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Re: Packages with non-original copyrighted sounds


On Freitag 23 Mai 2003 11:21, Roberto Gordo Saez wrote:
> IMHO, i believe that there are an urgent need for a library of
> free sound, music, samples, etc. to take as a base to ease the
> creation of free software which need sounds.

It is also urgently needed for the creation of free music that is 
not necessarily used by free programs. Due to the lack of free 
samples, composers are currently forced into the creation of 
non-free music.

> The library should asure at least that:
> - The author of each file is clearly identified and
> acknowledged. -
> License is sufficiently permissive to be
> clearly compatible with Debian guidelines.

I don't think this is enough.

For works other than computer programs, even more things are 
forbidden by default (some might not be applicable for certain 
kinds of works):

 * the right to publicly display the work (in its physical form)
   (e.g. a painting),
 * the right to publicly recite the work (e.g. a text work),
 * the right to publicly perform a work (e.g. a piece of music or
   theatre play), 
 * the right to publicly display the work (immaterially) (e.g. a
 * the right to broadcast a work,
 * the right to publicly play back a work from a recording (audio
   or video), 
 * the right to make a broadcast of the work publicly audible
   (e.g. using a TV running in a pub), and
 * (*NEW*) the right to make the work available to the public (on
   demand, on a computer network) 

(This is the situation in Germany, as I understand it. Maybe 
these rights vary a bit in other countries).

The DFSG does not really care about these things, and if it did, 
the GPL and the BSD would not qualify as "free" if applied on 
non-program-works. This means that Debian cannot become entirely 
free regarding the rights listed above in the near future, but 
it should be possible to create a subset of Debian that uses a 
clarified DSFG6 clause and thus cares about the above rights.  

"Look! They have different music on the dance floor..."

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