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Re: GDB manual

Le dim 25/05/2003 à 01:19, Richard Stallman a écrit :
>     That doesn't make the issue go away.
> It addresses the issue that was raised here before.
> Someone said that the GDB manual had marked a section invariant
> which was not secondary.

I must have missed that one.
Still, there are invariant sections in that manual, which make its
re-use almost impossible. Especially, incompatibility with GPL is
obnoxious, practically speaking.

> 					 An invariant section is invariant,
>     and it is not free (even according to your own definition), 
> With all due respect, this is not for you to say.  You are entitled to
> your opinion, and Debian is entitled to choose its own standards, but
> you do not interpret the GNU Project's standards any more than I
> interpret Debian's standards.

Then, I would like you to explain why you think a document with
invariant sections is free for the GNU definition of freedom, instead of
repeating around and around you are not convinced by our arguments.
Maybe this would make a basis for more constructive discussion.

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