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Re: The debate on Invariant sections (long)

Barak Pearlmutter said:
<lots of important and correct stuff snipped>

>Simply make the GFDL be GPL compatible, the same way the LGPL was.
>Add a clause saying that the covered materials can be construed as
>source code and used under the GPL; and that the invariant sections
>should, under such circumstances, be regarded as materials simply
>accompanying the GPLed technical materials but not themselves covered
>by the GPL, like the essays that accompany the GNU Emacs source code.

At the risk of saying "Me too",

Me too.

This solution would deal with the primary, most troublesome problem with 
the GFDL.

(As another example of how it would deal with the problems brought up: 
the proposed GNU Emacs reference card wouldn't have to include 
monster invariant sections on the back of the card; it would simply be 
licensed under the GPL, and distributed only along with a copy of the GPL.
The only added text on the card would be the copyright notice and the 
usual "This reference card is free.  You can use it under the terms 
of the GNU General Public license...")

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