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Re: [OT] Droit d'auteur vs. free software?

Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet <galactus@stack.nl> wrote:

> Peter S Galbraith wrote:
> > Arnoud Galactus Engelfriet <galactus@stack.nl> wrote:
> > > People will think you made the silly modifications, and so
> > > your reputation is harmed. I am not required by law to say
> > > I modified the work if I bought the copyright from you.
> > 
> > Okay.  But in the case of free software, the author _still_ does hold
> > the copyright.  So the silly derived works must be marked as modified
> > (following the license).  What extra protection is required?
> I think this is a pretty good argument, actually. Because the
> license requires me to identify myself and my changes, the
> public will know that the silly bits originated with me and
> are not your doing. So my modifications cannot harm your
> reputation.

Hmmm.  You're agreeing with me.  Do you realize this is a Debian list?
How are we supposed to flame each-other if you do that?


[For the humour-impaired, the above is a joke.]


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