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doc-linux package split


Almost a year and a half on from the original discussion, I've finally
split the doc-linux package into free and non-free components (this is
what the cc'ed discussion from discuss@en.tldp.org about the "manifesto
boilerplate licence" refers to). doc-linux-nonfree is waiting for
ftpmaster approval, and may take a little while since it has a monster
copyright file. Currently, just under 10% of the HOWTO and mini-HOWTO
documents are in non-free.

I welcome comments on the licensing interpretation I've attempted to
perform. The broken-down results of the audit are in debian/copyrights/
in doc-linux 2003.05-1, or
http://riva.ucam.org/svn/cjwatson/src/debian/doc-linux/copyrights/ for
the up-to-date results in my Subversion repository.

On a subject no doubt close to your heart right now, there are currently
114 documents under GFDL 1.1 without Invariant Sections, 9 documents
under GFDL 1.1 with Invariant Sections, and 8 documents under GFDL 1.2
without Invariant Sections. Right now, I've put all GFDL documents
without Invariant Sections in main, regardless of the version; if a
concrete project-wide decision is or has been made on 1.2-no-invariants
then please let me know. It's not much extra effort for me to move
things around on a per-licence basis when making an upload.

My general impression is that the number of GFDL 1.2 documents is
increasing rapidly, despite its currently small size. If it's going to
be a problem we should get the word out quickly somewhere that Google

(Please cc me on replies; I'm afraid I ran out of stamina for the bulk
of debian-legal a while back.)


Colin Watson                                  [cjwatson@flatline.org.uk]

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