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Re: motion to take action on the unhappy GNU FDL issue

Branden Robinson <branden@debian.org>:

> If you feel your trust has been betrayed, I think you should say so.
> Insisting that your text be removed from the CPP manual is not the only
> tactic at your disposal.

Certainly. If Zack were to ask for his own work (whose copyright is
assigned to the FSF) to be released under the GPL (in addition
obviously to being included in a GFDL-licensed work) and the FSF were
to refuse that request, then I think a lot of people would agree that
it would look very very bad.

If GPL-versions of most of the content can be obtained, then there is
the possibility of a GPL fork. There probably isn't a volunteer
immediately ready to do the work of putting together a GPL release,
and one still hopes it won't be necessary, but, just in case, it would
be good to obtain the raw material now, rather than later, when it
might be harder to do because of source tarballs not being on-line any
more, e-mail addresses not working any more, etc.


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