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Re: VisualBoyAdvance license

On Tue, May 06, 2003 at 12:17:45PM +0000, andy.grafham@ntlworld.com wrote:
> As a follow up to the previous discussion about the VisualBoyAdvance
> licence thing.
> I have been in contact with the author of the programme and he says
> that he intends to release the whole source under the GPL. However he
> has not been able to get through to the original authors of the Snes9x
> code which parts of the emulator are based on. So I would imagine that
> he has no right to re-licence their code under the GPL. 
> Is there any way we can take this forward? Other than recommending to
> the emulator author that he tries harder to contact the Snes9x
> authors?

I don't think so.  :(

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