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Re: GFDL Freeness and Cover Texts

Nick Phillips sed:
I wouldn't object to a clause which demanded "fair credit", but I would
object to a clause which demanded that that credit take a particular

Well I can agree to be flexible. Can you suggest either another license, or another way to apply the GFDL so that I can achieve my objective?

It's not just that I want to ensure I be personally be given proper credit for writing the articles, but that I ensure that future readers are always told that they can look to http://linuxquality.sunsite.dk/ for the originals or for other articles like it.

I can simply insert a section at the top that says this, but unless I make it an invariant section, I don't see how I can guarantee that the link is always there.

That's quite a different thing from requiring that my name always be listed as an author and copyright holder. I'm actually less concerned about my name being associated with the articles than the website, but the website is not capable of claiming authorship for the articles.


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