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Re: openssl issue

On Wed, 30 Apr 2003, Pasi Savilaakso wrote:

> 	I have a question concerning about openssl issue. I am packaging one 
> Question is simple. How must the software be licenced or changed, if any,
> so that it can be accepted to debian? would licencing it under LGPL help?
> I would like to keep ssl/compatible functionality in the program.

I take it you're referring to the general inability to redistribute GPL'd
applications which link to OpenSSL.

Basically, all copyright holders of the GPL'd work need to waive the
restriction against linking to non-GPL'd libraries, specifically the
OpenSSL.  I believe something similar to the licence exemption quoted in
would be suitable, replacing the names as appropriate.

The other alternative would be to replace the need for OpenSSL with a need
for GNUTLS, which is of course licenced in a GPL-compatible manner.

> I am seeking answer to just this particular question, but if you want you can 
> also email me about technical issues too privately, since it is offtopic. 

Tech issues would be quite appropriate for debian-devel or debian-mentors...

> I promised to upstream author that I will tell him options what he can do to 
> make his work distributable with debian. 

I'm pretty sure that putting the exemption in the message referenced above
would do the job pretty well.

> Please CC me, I am not subscriber of the list. 


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