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Re: Legal questions about some GNU Emacs files

Anthony Towns <aj@azure.humbug.org.au> writes:

> If we decide "hey, let's not distribute them in main at all", I take it
> you mean.
> You don't have to distribute pristine tarballs. The xfree86 upstream
> source includes some non-free stuff, which is stripped out of the
> .orig.tar.gz before Branden uploads it, eg.

I didn't know that.

> I don't have any problem with an .orig.tar.gz that includes
> redistributable but non-DFSG-free stuff, as long as (eg) the .diff.gz
> removes those files.

Isn't it different from removing them from the pristine tarball since
we also distribute packages as sources?

> Alternatively, if we keep distributing them, then we should move them
> to other packages (if they're relevant to non-emacs-users, doc-debian
> or a new gnu-propaganda package, say), or at least to other directories
> (/usr/share/doc/emacs, eg).

Other packages yes, but not built from the same source I guess ...
However, I cannot imagine the GNU manifesto in non-free :-P


Jérôme Marant


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